Insomnia and Love

Could these be connected? Why can’t I sleep even with sleeping pills? Is my body so strong that it ignores this vital mechanism in me? It is for sure that if I cannot sleep then something is wrong in my life? Is it any wonder these days in the world I might ask. People are so tired and stressed out. Angry. Here in Scandinavia the summer is coming. In Latin America winter. Yet one thing makes us common. We are all human beings living on this beautiful planet.
Why are we here in the first place? What is the reason? Ok, I can go to the basics. I organize my life. It is in perfect order. Not. Nobody’s life is in perfect order. Least of them mine. It is a chaotic mess. Yesterday I made some coffee and forgot to put water to the machine. The other day I was looking for a watch and I don’t own one. Am I getting old? I am 45 years old and I cannot sleep. Tonight. I tell you what it is.
I am a human being and you are a human being. I wave my hand and something happens in you. You cannot stop this something happening because it is automatic. We humans have inevitable influence on each others. You can imagine the magnitude how mankind affects to each others with just “hand wavings”. If I shoot 2 year old baby in the head, how does that affect to the world? Does it make 10 meter Tsunami to the East Coast of the USA? If I gas to death 1 million people because I can’t draw, what do you think it does to the collective soul of the humankind? I tell you what it does. It makes us to pay an invoice. And that invoice is cashed in right this very moment around the world.
It has begun. What has begun? This is up to you to find out. I can only guess, I am just Timo after all. A guitar player on an insigficant planet called Terra. But although I am insgnificant, tonight I cannot sleep. I am worried about my friend. And then you do not sleep. I know that worry doesnt help. But what can I do? I am an artist. And that means I feel. No Im sorry, I FEEL. And then makes me kneel and being humble.
How many truly genuinely humble people you know? I know. The answer is shocking.

I include a small video I just recorded from my balcony. Once again it is 5:39 in the morning and I cannot sleep. The birds are singing. The nature is perfect. I sit here and wonder its everlasting beauty and understand how fucked up I am. But goddammit, at least I feel.
Please carry each others with Love. We dont have much time 😦


11 responses to “Insomnia and Love

  1. It really makes you wonder, when you have time to sit there and think about the significance of life. When you walk past someone you can’t help but notice because you have to wonder about that person, even if you’re thinking “How’d that person get so ugly?” It’s the impact of humans on each other. You would know much more about life itself considering that you’re much older than I am 🙂 but I know at least a little of what you mean. Very thoughtful, very nice. And by the way good luck with your rest.

    Also, nice Hitler reference (if it was one).

  2. I was awake too, but me because I’m a nightbird. So in my case it was by choice (if that’s the right word). That said, I never stay up long enough to watch the sunrise and the world waking. I am 35 years old and I cannot remember the last time I’ve watched a sunrise as you did on that beautiful Finnish morning. I agree with you that we all should be worried about the future, but any time we can witness the beginning of a new day, as you did, is a moment that should fill us with hope I think.
    Just a thought.

  3. Take it easy, Timo! I wanted to share this essay with my Japanese friends, and just wanted to know that I summarized it into Japanese. Your music is our inspiration, and so are your thoughts and wellbeing. Take care…

  4. Timo, hope you don’t mind a suggestion to help you sleep. As you are laying down to sleep, preferably on your back, eyes closed, watch your breathe flowing in and out. Mentally watch the breathe, don’t control it, just watch it. This is a simplified Yoga meditation technique, and when practiced laying down, induces sleep. Hope this helps you.

    I love this sentence of yours: “I am a human being and you are a human being. I wave my hand and something happens in you. You cannot stop this something happening because it is automatic.” I never thought of this, and it is so true. Thank you.

  5. Timo, did you close up your Facebook fan page? I can’t help to notice that it’s not there anymore.

  6. I feel these words…I would say,if I can,that by personal experience,indeed..:insomnia and love are connected…!
    As for me,I’m sleepless due to the lack of love!! (Love in the wide sense of the term!!…or, Humanity)…
    Thanks for sharing your ideas…

  7. Timmo, you are a genius, and the genious cannot sleep. The genius came to earth to bring happyness and culture to the other peolple. Iam from Brasil and you cant imagine how i love your musics, that you probrably composed on these nights you couldn’t sleep… Thanks for you existence!

  8. Timo, I sense you are a deeply sensitive person with a strong conscience and these are common traits of leading philosophers. Reflecting & philosophising late at night will surely keep you awake. I too think all the time and philosophise non stop especially as my head hits the pillow, then I’m like a clock, tick tock full of thoughts. This is because throughout the day I never had any “me” time. As soon as everything else stopped, TV off, lights off, routines stop I found this lull time became my big thinking time. You’ve gotta break this cycle, try get off those sleeping drugs as they are bad for you long term. I think much has to do with diet and stimulants, as soon as I went vegan (from being vegetarian) and kicked out much caffeine, especially after 6pm at night I found myself sleeping like a baby most of the time and even dozing off mid evening. Maybe examine some foods & drinks you take and make some slight changes if you can and if you don’t already do so try a little meditation and a hot bath! I really wish you luck on this as insomnia can ruin your health and your life.

    I hear your thoughts about the universal consequences of each of our actions and yes I think this resonates and rebounds. I have many other interesting thoughts seen as new age and spend most of my time reading philosophy & theology which draws you into other areas such as quantum physics, sacred geometry etc etc. I too often feel very frustrated that others don’t hear or don’t want to hear, but then they probably think I’m a crack pot as I don’t fit their mold, Solution is to believe what you believe and don’t worry if others think you’re f****d Up, because you definately are not – you’re just much more enlightended.

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