About Supporting the Artist and the Independent Music

Now when I am having my campaign at http://www.pldegemusic.com/projects/timotolkki I have naturally been in touch with many people with their questions and concerns. I have tried to answer to them all.
Making music in this way is the best way for me. Absolutely. It gives me the freedom in all creative and artistic decisions and to use a street language, it keeps the bullshit out from the process.
There was a time when recorded music did not exist. Composers like Beethoven and Mozart were living and writing music frighteningly the same way than the PledgeMusic system. People came to them and comissioned a sonata or just gave them money to support them in their work because they loved their music.

In my campaign, one man contacted me and wanted to give me 1000 euros to support my music.
And here is the essence of this whole idea of crowdfunding and Pledgemusic. When you go to that PledgeMusic page and you see the items, they are actually not important. What is important for me if you are a fan of my music that you support me. It is the only way to survive in this music environment when sick things like Idols and other McDonalds type quick buck things rule and all interesting music is dying. Fast.

People must realize that the music industry is dying and it will continue to make quick bucks as long as they can, which will be some years.
So when you buy that new CD of mine beforehand, it is not only a safe way to do it, at the same time you are saying “thank you” to me and my 25 year music career with 300 songs, 3000 shows and 25 CD’s. I have been an entertainer. For you. Now that I am asking help from you, I am not doing it as some people suggest as begging. I am proud of you and I salute you. In all these years when you have listened to my songs and read my lyrics, I have shown you my soul. I have given everything.

Now in the crossroads of the dying music industry and the new being born, where things like Deluxe Boxes can exist, it is the most important thing that when you are buying an item from the shop, you are not only buying an item. You are saying “thank you” to me and supporting my future, so I can continue to bring you new musical adventures in the future as well.

My friends, it is all in your hands. Composer is nothing without his fans and supporters.

Helsinki 20.4.2012 T i m o

3 responses to “About Supporting the Artist and the Independent Music

  1. I agree with you, this is the future. As a musician I become very happy when people who like my songs got an opportunity to say that to me. Alive, by e-mail, by Facebook, anywhay…And as a fan of everything you did, is fantastic to be “talking” with you (maybe writing each other would be the correct words) and be allowed to tell you I love your songs.
    12 years ago when I bought the album Infinite (my first Stratovarius album) I was only 14, studying guitar and thinking “Timo is fantastic! His songs are really great. If I study very hard maybe someday I’ll be famous and talk to him will be possible”.
    Now I’m not famous yet, actually I’m just recording my first album (all independent, a great victory), but I’m in touch with you and a I can support your work. I can contibute to hear more of your songs. It’s really great!!

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