Thankfulness leads to humbleness

As I was cleaning up my stuff I happened to find few cd’s and I wrote a post in my 2 Facebook pages that people would send me an email if they would like to receive a signed copy.
I received over 300 emails from all across the globe and picked the 4 winners randomly by jogging the email program eyes closed and pressing enter. The winners are in the end of this blog.
It was touching to read both comments in FB and in the actual emails. Although I did not ask to do anything else but send me an email, most people did not know if they should write something to the mail or if they should pay for it. (It was mentioned that these are gifts). I understood that I guess this is not an everyday thing.
But..for me it is just natural and first thing to think about. Along the path of my musical career, I have given away much of things. Composing music is also a form of giving. Talking to your fan is giving. Noticing a person is giving.
I was stunned about some stories people told me in their emails and I have heard a lot of stories from people during my career. Many wrote that my music had saved their lives. It seems to be constant thing that many people communicate to me. I myself do not and cannot, take credit from something like that but of course it is very touching.
It is humbling to read your words and stories. As you may know, my own path has not been the easiest either. Therefore I do understand the pain much of us go through in these times in our lives. I do wish to say, from my heart, that I feel such a thankfulness to you who have supported me when things have been easy and especially when things haven’t been easy. You see, it works both ways. It is almost like if there would be some kind of law in the universe about thankfulness leading to humbleness. I am talking about real genuine thankfulness and humbleness. They are not feelings. They are something that cannot really be explained scientifically.
So writing this today 17th of September 2012 in my home in Jollas Finland, I wish to tell you how much I appreciate you for being there for me. Thank you very much.

The winners of the 4 autographed CD’s are:

Bethan Harry
Rebeca Abigail Rodriguez
Akira A.A Narimatsu
Lucas Sonvico

Congratulations! I will get in touch with you for your shipping addresses soon. Thank you for sending me an email. It means a lot to me.

All the best, Timo

8 responses to “Thankfulness leads to humbleness

  1. Timo, i hope everyhings going good with you and yours. You deserve a happy life. Thank u for opening your heart to us. Nothing easy to do. I wonder how this world would be if we wouldnt wear so many masks. I admire your courage and braveness to be yourself and i think you are like an oasis in the desert for lots of people like myself. Regards from mty, mx! Take care.

  2. In spite of everything you had in your life, Timo, I’m amazed at how much love and positivity you have inside your heart. Really. Even though, you may deny it.
    You give away a lot of it and people can certainly feel it.
    I’m only wondering how on earth do you manage to reply all the fan mails! 😀

    And you know, when you feel low on power or inspiration, just remember how many people out there are empowered and inspired By You!


  3. Hello Timo,
    I’m a university student and I’ve been your fan nearly 10 years.
    I’m always amazed how you’ve been holding on to your business all these years… Your music never gets old in my heart, both melody and words. So, I’d like to do my “giving” by sharing some experience…

    It might not be the same, but I’ve felt that “thankfulness” while I was traveling alone in foreign land. I am here because of the help of all the people around me.. that sort of thing.
    Also, I was feeling very calm; Even when I got lost in subway for 3 hours, or night train was very muggy, I never got irritated.
    So in my opinion, “real genuine” thankfulness and humbleness are not something that appears when you react to something, but when you act by your own will. It’s not feeling nor thoughts.
    sorry if my English’s not good.. 🙂

    I learned this during meditation session.
    Have you tried meditation, Timo? I heard it’s one way to study wisdom flowing in this universe.

    Thank you, and have a joyful new year,

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