Reflections on 2013 at 07:58AM

I just noticed that I haven’t written anything to this blog since a year or so. So I put on some classical music (Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in Dminor) and I just write whatever comes to my mind.

The year 2013 as a whole was very happy time for me. I learned a lot. I learned to listen and be more humble. I learned that I am just a human being, not a god, and that I actually have the right to be a human being.

Now what does that mean, being a human being? Well, to me, again:to me it means that I am fundamentally human. That I cannot hurt anyone consciously. In my life I have hurt a lot of people but I ask for forgiveness and usually I get it because I am sincere, simple and straight person.

I released my 21st album “The Land of New Hope” in May and it surpassed all the expectations I had. It sold very well. Thank you all who have supported me on my journey deeper and deeper into myself. I found the joy of making music again with Avalon and that is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. In this moment I am starting to mix a sequel to “The Land of New Hope”. It is called “Angels of the Apocalypse”. It is not Biblical album, although some of the predictions of the Bible seem to have found itself into the story. I myself don’t believe in any kind of deity but I do believe in Mother Nature as a caretaker and nurturer. We have very close relationship.

One of the key ideas of this new album is that the governments around the world are spending 1 000 000 000 000 USD, that is ONE TRILLION US Dollars in military purposes each year. If this money would be invested where it belongs, tho world would have no problems. But I am very sceptical if this will happen. I don’t see any real will to solve the problems. I only see greed. And that makes me very sad. Children are dying as I write that. It is easy for me and you to complain about having have to wait to ATM for 2 minutes but let’s put everything into perspective. We have lost the way. We have given away the power that belongs to the people, not to the governments. Your governments are lying to you. They cheat. Use your brain, that is why it was created, and you see what I see. We simply cannot continue this way anymore. We have crossed the point of no return.

I just returned from my daily walking and jogging route. I usually use iPod and observe the nature. There is plenty of nature in where I live. It is cold today. Around -10 Celsius. The sun is slowly rising and I realise what a magnificent thing the nature is. We should not take it for granted. Think about the 4 Seasons. That is amazing thing. Again it is hard to believe in god but could it be some kind of super intelligence that has created all this? A scientist of some kind. Perhaps. I don’t think I will ever get answer to that. But maybe there is something big out there…

Whoever is reading this blog, I want to wish you well. I hope things would be easier for you. But nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. But it is. Nevertheless if this blog gives even a tiny little piece of hope and love, it has fulfilled its mission. Otherwise I am just running in circles. Again: nobody said it was easy.


                 In this morning of 29th of January 2014 I want to wish you all good things and my very best.


                                                                                  T I M O

4 responses to “Reflections on 2013 at 07:58AM

  1. I just listened your record “The Land of New Hope” and it was very very entertaining to listen. What a great composer you are and guitarist. The inspiration is back in your music in a different level, to me, so maybe I could say also “welcome back”. I keep on experiencing your music and enjoying it. I shure got also inspiration to my own creative work in music. To me that´s the real gift, to lighten up something in other people and make them be entertained, if you will.

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