Hello world my name is Timo. I created this page to express some of my thoughts and ideas and also to interact with fellowe human beings.

I hope your day is good.       -Timo

9 responses to “About

  1. Welcome to 2012. Pick up your guitar and show your visions to the world one more time. You will find the way.

  2. Hi timo, how are you?
    I stay yesterday night at the performance of stratovarius in Milan…

    …without you it isn’t the same show…. I love them, but now, they are only a good “cover band”
    I hope to see and hear you again in Italy

    Play it again Timo


  3. You should never had left the Strats man. You turned your back on your fans and metal music .You left a world class band ,you created two more bands and some gay music projects that failed, you stopped playing metal music and you ended up working/owning in a studio, and after all these crap you feel happy????? wtf man ???? if i was in your place as one of the most influential and famous guitarists in power/prog metal, and i ended up working in a studio by my own fault, i would consider myself extremelly failed…………i hope you feel better now , because we (strat fans) DO NOT.

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